// Strategic Consulting (company)

You want to redefine your communication strategy?You need support to enter the market in Germany?We are happy to assist.

Our core areas:

  • Cooperation and business deals
  • Support in marketing and sales activities (How to get into the German market?)
  • Corporate communications (How to position my company on the market? 

// Marketing consultancy


How do I get my company / products to Germany?

Almira will advise you on your marketing strategy and corresponding implementation for the German market. We will create individually adapted marketing concept with which you can operating successfully on the German market. With our experience in the PR and marketing in the German market, we can quickly recognize your needs and show you the right way for your market launch. We also provide you with suitable local business partners and provide synergies for you here.



// Corporate Communications

Almira Consulting takes over the entire communications for your business and boosts awareness of your company to the public. In particular, we support you in the repositioning of companies and restructuring phases.

Counseling services in detail:
Press relations;Reputation management;Internal communication; CEO positioning;Online public relations; Web 2.0; Social Media, Customer Communication;
Corporate branding, organizational consultancy for communications departments